Where Children Build Self-Esteem While They Play

And It Always Is A Wonderful Day!



S-Team® Park is the first series of entertaining and educational webisodes, songs, casual games and apps created specifically to help preschool children build healthy self-esteem.

S-Team® Park is a fantastic world that combines live action characters, live and animated sets, animated props and an animated group of park rats, the S-Team® Kids. The S-Team® Kids all have different characteristics that make each one of them unique, but which might cause them to be picked on by others.

Whenever the need arises, the S-Team® Kids turn into their superhero alter egos: Confidence, Smart, Loyalty, Honesty, Unique, Love, Choice, Respect, Humility, Responsible, Worthy and Kindness. 


What makes S-Team® Park so unique is that while preschool children interact with the characters, sing the songs, say the S-Team® Motto and play the interactive games, they will actually be developing tools that will last them a lifetime.

Self-talk, self-soothing, how to make good choices and looking inward rather than outward for approval, are examples of the positive traits that will become second nature to preschool children, like breathing out and breathing in.


Dedicated to Creating a Culture of Children with Healthy Self-Esteem