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Keith O’Neill, Ph.D.

Chairman & CEO, Full Esteem Ahead®, Inc.

Creator of the S-Team®

 Keith is a full-time therapist, working with young children and adolescents, as well as with adults on issues stemming from poor self-esteem.  He earned his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in psychology at University of California Irvine and went on the receive his Ph.D. at Pacific National University.

Prior to establishing his current practice in Newport Beach, CA, Keith practiced in Sarasota, FL, where he hosted “Choices in Wellness,” a call-in talk show on WIBQ.  He was also a regular guest on the nationally syndicated talk radio show “It’s All About Health” and the television show “KNBC Daytime.”

Keith’s own self-esteem was threatened as a nine-year-old, when his father left home. He and his three siblings were raised by a single mom, who had her own problems trying to cope. Looking for a source of support and solace, Keith found a safe haven through the Parks and Recreation system.

At the age of twenty-six, Keith suffered a life threatening head injury and was told he would never again be able to walk or talk. Keith worked for four years to regain his, once taken for granted, abilities. During this long and arduous journey, Keith’s fascination with self-esteem grew even more profound and he began delving into the power of the mind.

He has spent the rest of his life showing people how good self-esteem can help them weather any storm and how it can benefit every aspect of their lives.  “I learned first-hand that a child’s self-esteem has a direct effect on his or her success as an adult.  My reward is paying it forward."

In addition to maintaining his practice, Keith is an author, speaker, founder of Full Esteem Ahead®, Inc. and creator of the S-Team® Kids.


Dedicated to Creating a Culture of Children With Healthy Self-Esteem