Keith O’Neill

Father, Coach, Business
Consultant, Motivational Speaker

Keith O’Neill’s fascination with self-esteem began when he was just a young boy.  His father left home when he was nine. He and his three siblings were raised by a single mom, who had her own problems trying to cope. Looking for a source of support and solace, Keith found a safe haven through the Parks and Recreation system.

“I was fortunate to be mentored by coaches who taught me the value of having a good attitude, and that everyone has the power to make good choices. My coaches showed me how to overcome adversity and helped me to develop strategies on how to cope with my own dysfunctional home life. These lessons, that I learned as a youth, became the building blocks of my life’s work.”

As a father, coach, and director of many youth programs and summer camps, Keith O’Neill has worked with children of all ages. “It became obvious to me very early in my career, that the main thing separating the happy, well-rounded, successful and socially adept children from the others, is a highly developed sense of self-worth and confidence. This was not something that had been taught to me at home. I had to develop it on my own. Later, I would learn that all children have to develop their own self-esteem. No one can do it for them. What we can do, is foster the healthy development of their self-esteem.”

Keith’s new found self-esteem was severely challenged at the age of 26. A thriving young adult, he suffered a life threatening head injury that left him unable to walk or talk. Refusing to quit, Keith worked for years to regain his, once taken for granted, abilities. During this long and arduous journey, Keith’s fascination with self-esteem grew even more profound. His will to overcome any obstacles or, as he calls them, “inconveniences,” was the reason he was able to recover. Keith’s fascination with self-esteem grew into a fascination with the incredible power of the mind. He has spent the rest of his adult life showing people how good self-esteem can help them weather any storm, and how it can benefit every aspect of all our lives.

“I see my role as coach, Coach Keith. I help people become empowered, make better choices and unlock their potential for success and growth.” His career path gave him the opportunity to share his insights as the host of “Choices in Wellness,” a call-in, radio talk show, on WIBQ, Sarasota, Florida. He also was a regular guest on the nationally syndicated radio show, “It’s All About Health,” and frequently was asked to appear on the TV show “KNBC Daytime,” in Tampa. Keith has worked with children and adults, well-known celebrities, professional athletes, and some of the biggest and most successful companies in the world.

When asked to what he attributes his unique insight and wisdom, Keith replied, “I would say it comes from a combination of overcoming my own inconveniences, and becoming a student of the mind. Through my education, my life experiences, and having worked with children of all ages, I learned first-hand that a child’s self-esteem has a direct effect on his or her success as an adult. “My rewards come from being fortunate enough to be able to pay it forward, through the practical application of what I have learned.” Today, Keith resides in Southern California, where he maintains a steady regimen of writing and speaking engagements, while running Full Esteem Ahead®, Inc.